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04/19 Manitoba Metalfest (MB)
04/20 Regina (SK)

September 26th, 2006

Checking in from the road!

R.I.P. Dave Stephenson 12/05/68 - 09/21/06Hello everyone,

Being on the road with Megadeth, this band has had multiple highs and spiraling lows as well. My best friend Dave Stephenson died, out of nowhere of cancer. Today is his funeral and I am away from home and won’t be there for him one final last time. For this I am truly sorry! I feel terrible for this. Dave would have been out here with us selling our merch for us. Every night I am dedicating a song to his memory.

The shows have been a dream come true for us. I cannot believe how nice the staff and the other bands have been to us. Having Lamb of God give us props on stage to 7,000 people was a highlight for us. Megadeth has been very good to us. It is great to hang everyday with the Drover brothers. I have total respect for every band on this package. Everybody works hard day in and day out.

We have had a few setbacks on this tour. Our bus broke down in Texas a week ago and we missed 2 shows. I’m sorry to everyone who traveled to us on those dates. We will be back!! Yesterday our session guitar player bailed on us in Toronto, giving us no notice. He WAS a great friend of ours and we are really shocked by this.The road can really scare some people. Who in the hell would leave an arena tour with Megadeth??? The shows have been going on as planned. We are doing all future gigs on this tour without adding a second guitar player. When we get back home, then we can start a new search…again.

Our next Gigantour show is at the Bell Center in Montréal. We hope to see everyone there!!

keep it metal!!


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