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December 31st, 2008

Lucca Jacob Yngwie Roth and Tim’s Top 2008 albums

Hello Everybody,

We’re dealing with an insane winter blizzard today and -37C, but it’s warmer than last weeks -44C with wind chill! It will probably be a good idea to stay home in the warm and write some hot metal riffs…ha!

It was a great year of touring for us in 2008. The Symphony X USA tour and Japan were the 2 high points for me. During the long drives we would crank Symphony X’s last album, ‘Paradise Lost’ and try to air guitar the licks and sing along to Russel’s smooth pipes.
I was personally out of the touring game in mid-September because Cortney and I were expecting a baby. Music has always been number one in my life, but I had to stay home and support the family. On November 28, 2008 Lucca Jacob Yngwie Roth was born into our world at 9:36 am. Cortney picked his first name, so I got to pick his middle names. Jacob was my father and Yngwie is my all time favorite guitar player. The choice of names was an easy one for me. Now all of my time has been dedicated to the family and it will be into the next year as well.

I want to wish the band, management, label and the fans a Happy New Year in 2009. Thanks to everyone for all the continued support during these crazy times. There are a few shows being booked in 2009, so we’ll see you all again soon. Keep it metal!


PS Here are some cool albums that I have been digging in 2008.

1. Yngwie Malmsteen- Perpetual Flame
2. Guns N Roses- The Chinese Democracy
3. Cynic- Traced In Air
4. Opeth- Watershed
5. Dragonforce- Ultrabeatdown
6. Testament- Formation Of Damnation
7. Metallica- Death Magnetic
8. Warral Dane- Praises To The Warmachine
9. Trivium- Shogun
10. Zero Hour- Dark Deciever
11. Kataklysm- Prevail
12. Judas Priest- Nostradomus
13. Buckcherry- Black Butterfly

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