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04/19 Manitoba Metalfest (MB)
04/20 Regina (SK)

September 26th, 2008

Troy checks in from the road, and Sean introduces himself!

Troy checked in from the road with the following update:

“It’s been a pretty crazy week for all of us in the Into Eternity camp. The insanity began when we found out that Tim would not be coming with us on the Iced Earth tour. Our initial reaction was to cancel, for how could we go on without our founding member? After much discussion, we decided that a replacement shredder would be flown in from New York with only five days of practice, that I would try and figure out how to sing and help out on vocals as best as can be, and that Stu would take over the rest of the vocal responsibilities. Easy, right?

“When we started the 14-hour death drive to the first show in Minneapolis, I can’t convey how strange the feeling was of leaving the city without Tim – not to mention that this fill-in shredder had only five days to practice the tunes, and that none of us had ever met him. No worries, right? We arrived in Minneapolis a day early and picked up our new shredder from the airport. It turned out his name was Sean Maier. Sean and Justin worked that night and the next day, and crammed as much into his overloaded head as possible. The first show was definitely not perfect, but as a band we could not believe how well Sean played. There definitely was a collective sense of relief within the band after we realized the first show had passed and no trainwrecks occurred.

“The improvement has been steady with every show. It’s awesome to watch such an accomplished musician take on such a huge task and do so well. Beyond his playing abilities, Sean has also become a good friend and fit in to this rolling circus easily. We’ve unofficially coined this tour the ‘Hell or High Water Tour,’ for the way we look at it, our backs are against the wall and we have nothing to lose and everything to prove. We’ve now had seven shows together, and it really is going better than expected. We all owe our thanks to Sean for his relentless hard work and focus. The biggest realization, though, is how accepting our fans have been. The unconditional support we’ve received through such trying times has been amazing. We cannot thank our fans enough for sticking with us and supporting the band unconditionally. Thanks again, and we’ll see you all on the road!”

And now, here’s an introduction from Sean:

“Ahoy ShredHeads and Into Eternity Fans… Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m Shred Sean from Blessed By A Broken Heart. The last 10 days have been absolutely crazy for me. I got a call from Century Media last Friday, asking me if I could fill in for the mighty Tim Roth from our labelmates Into Eternity on the upcoming tour with Iced Earth. “‘Uh…ok,’ I said. ‘How long do I have to learn the set?’ ‘Five days. And then you will get on a plane to Minnesota and headline a show without ever having played with the band.’ ‘Um, OooooK.’

“So I spent the next 120 hours playing IE songs overandoverandover, washing my all-black clothes, getting my guitars set up for drop C and flying to Minnesota. And now I’m on the road with these guys – who are totally cool – and having a great time meeting all the IE fans and playing with such excellent musicians. And while I know there is no replacement for Tim, I’m grateful for the opportunity to step into his shoes and play for you guys, so the SHOW CAN GO ON! (And NO – this is not permanent, YES – Tim is coming back to IE, and YES – I’m still in Blessed!!) So be sure to come out to the shows, and come up and say hi, and let me know what you think! And if you want to hear more of my stuff, check out my band Blessed By A Broken Heart ( We’re really different than Into Eternity. Our new record “Pedal To The Metal” just got a 9/10 from Metal Hammer, who dubbed us ‘hairmetalcore – which I think sums it up pretty well. And if you need even more fretburningly face meltage, take a listen to my solo instru-metal shred project GuitarsFromMarz ( Be sure to let me know what you think!! Rock On!”

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