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November 13th, 2018

Vater endorsement

New Endorsement Announcement From Our Drummer!


I am extremely proud to announce that I am officially a member of the @vaterdrumsticks Canada family of endorsed artists!
Over the past 17 years, I have tried just about every stick on the market. As you grow and become more proficient at your craft, your body, technique, strength, and your dexterity changes and you must change with it.
When I was younger and influences ran high, I was overly and unabashedly enthralled by the style/technique of the late, great OG BMF @vinniepaul3 . The baseball bat way, with or without gloves has been a staple in my playing for as long as I can remember, and I haven’t looked back since.

After several years and many bands later, I met and became friends with fellow hard hitter and fit drumming phenom @brettduncandrummer . Eventually after much discussion, we realized that we both shared the love of the same style and model of drum stick.

There are many companies that make a Maple Wood Tip Concert model but I have literally #chewed my way through thousands trying to find one that plays like butter and doesn’t fall short on quality or durability.

Recently Brett tossed me a pair of the @vaterdrumsticks #sugarmaple #sd1 #concertgeneral #woodtip #drumsticks and said CHECK THESE OUT.

Within 20 minutes of my daily warm up, I noticed an immediate comfortable, familiar feel. I decided to buy a half brick in preparation for my next arduous recording session. Any artist knows the need for quality microphone signal requires your heaviest striking possible, there is nothing like the performance needed for tracking when it comes to putting sticks to the test.

After 4 hours of relentless abuse, rim shot after rim shot, the one pair I used were barely cracked, fulcrum still intact and ready for more.

Not only did these sticks stand up to my attack, they were also so very forgiving and I managed to pull off one of my best performances to date, and I won’t be looking back any time soon. Watch It Go!

#vaterdrumsticks #sugarmaplesd1concertgeneral #woodtip #quality #durability #pearldrums #sabiancymbals #remoheads #allmaxnutrition #fitdrummer #baseballbats #woodshedding #beastmode #beaverlife

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