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04/19 Manitoba Metalfest (MB)
04/20 Regina (SK)

October 15th, 2018

Pearl endorsement

Press release from our drummer Bryan!


I am extremely proud to announce that I am officially a member of the @pearl_drums Canada family of endorsed artists!

Ever since high school, I have been enthralled by the look, sound and feel of @pearl_drums . I bought my first kit at age 15, and haven’t looked back since. I worked very hard throughout my teens and into my 20’s, honing my skills, style and technique, focusing on faster, more aggressive music—the kind that adrenalized my soul and would eventually lead me towards my creative calling.

As I aged, I discovered the grand spectrum of the metal music industry, filled with unbelievable drummers such as @therealgenehoglan @flomounier and @vinniepaul3 . I witnessed these performers demonstrate percussion techniques that blew my mind on beautiful handcrafted @pearl_drums .

Having experienced health issues (degenerative discs) at a young age, I felt that I would never be able to achieve what those I looked up to had done. It was that feeling of self-doubt that provoked me to work very hard at re-building my strength over time.

Although watching, meeting and eventually becoming friends with these veteran musicians would make me feel inadequate at times, it just as often had the opposite effect by providing me with the inspiration to work harder and push forward with my own music, health, and playing.

Later in life, I applied that inspiration, as I was recruited by technically proficient bands such as @into_eternity_official @sadistic_embodiment_band @immunizemetal and @untimelydemise to name a few.

I sit before you today, back where it all started #thegarage ! This is where my journey began and I will never forget where I came from and who helped me get to where I am now.

With the love and support of my friends/family/bandmates @pearl_drums, @sabiancymbals_official , @vicfirth and @teamallmax I was able to reach new levels of performance, fitness and success than I ever thought possible.

And I’m just getting started…… WATCH IT GO!!

#pearldrums #endorsedartist #intoeternity #culled #sadisticembodiment #fitdrummer #keeponbeasting #nevergiveup #dreamsdocometrue #ifyouworkhardenough #drumgains #syl

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