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July 18th, 2011

Exclusive version of ‘Sandstorm’ streaming at

Hello Everyone!

Tim Henderson at BraveWords was kind enough to let us preview our brand new song, “Sandstorm”.  Tim has always supported our band and we thank him and the rest of the Brave Staff.

“Sandstorm” was written in May 2011 with our new drummer Bryan and it features the guest death vocals of Rob Doherty. This streaming version is just the bonus Tim Roth/Rob Doherty version. There is a Stu Block track as well.

The real version of “Sandstorm”, featuring Stu Block, Tim Roth and Rob Doherty, will be released on iTunes July 25 2011.

Thank you to the fans for all the positive energy. Keep it metal!


5 comments to Exclusive version of ‘Sandstorm’ streaming at

  • Ross

    Both versions of the song I’ve heard sound great. Can’t wait to hear the other versions.

  • I am so psyched you guys are still alive. I can’t wait for the new album, I hope it drops some time this year.

    Did anyone else notice Stu’s version has a total lack of the highs heard on previous albums? It’s not bad, just a bit jarring!

    Good stuff!

  • Jeff

    Pumped up that you guys are in gear again! My son and I are eager to see you live…..Please visit Portland, OR again….It’s been too long!

    Love Sandstorm! Can’t wait for the CD and tour!

  • erwin

    i would like to know is stu block still into eternity vocalist or only iced earth vocalist

    • webmaster

      He’s in both! Iced Earth will ask much of his time though, so Into Eternity will have to work around that of course.