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04/19 Manitoba Metalfest (MB)
04/20 Regina (SK)

March 9th, 2011

INTO ETERNITY Announces New Drummer

Into Eternity with Bryan Newbury

Regina, Saskatchewan-based Canadian extreme progressive metallers INTO ETERNITY have announced the addition of drummer Bryan Newbury from Edmonton, Alberta. Newbury is known in the western Canadian metal scene as a member of Edmonton-based DEATH TOLL RISING.

INTO ETERNITY has been writing new material as a follow-up to the well-received 2008 Century Media release “The Incurable Tragedy”. Guitarist Tim Roth commented: “It is the coldest March in 90 years (-40 C), so I’m staying indoors and working on some new INTO ETERNITY music. This will be our sixth album, so we have to make sure all the songs are perfect. I have over 60 minutes of music demoed now on my iPod, so things are slowly getting done. The music is all there now, so the rough arrangement of the songs has started. It helps us also that we have the organizational assistance of our lawyer, Eric Greif, to fall back on, which is cool considering DEATH was one of our main influences.”

INTO ETERNITY’s Canadian agent Zandra Productions has announced the following shows, the first for the band in two years:

Apr. 15 – Walkers, Saskatoon
Apr. 16 – The Exchange, Regina
May 12 – The Distillery, Calgary
May 14 – Pawn Shop, Edmonton

In other news, INTO ETERNITY will be playing the “Chuck Schuldiner Birthday Bash” on May 13 at The Distillery in Calgary, organized by REVEREND KILL’s Don Stenhouse and Greif, Schuldiner’s intellectual property lawyer and the former manager of DEATH. A charitable event benefitting the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, it features a 12 band line-up centering on Candlelight Records act DIVINITY, with guests such as former DEATH members Paul Masvidal, Sean Reinert and Chuck’s nephew Chris Steele, and raffled items donated by labels, publishers and artists.

11 comments to INTO ETERNITY Announces New Drummer

  • S H H

    At least you got a drumer with more hair now. Guys, I m totally looking forward to your new album! Hope it will rock as all of your albums do 😉
    Greetings from Europe

  • M. Wheeler

    More high metal screams please!

  • Robin

    STOKED for a new album… been waiting, and as always i know its gonna be great!

  • Kat

    Looking forward to seeing you perform in Calgary and Edmonton! PS. Your new drummer looks very familiar….Oh wait, it’s my brother lol!

  • webmaster

    I just deleted some comments in here. Nothing wrong with voicing your opinion, but when you come here to call the band names and whatnot, that’s where it ends. You can call me whatever for that, but this is OUR house and I pay the bills around here. So grow up (oh and don’t believe everything you read on blabbermouth).


  • Go F Yaself

    that’s cool. Take down whatever you want. I don’t need to read “Blabbermouth” I know exactly what happened, and I know the truth. You can take down as many comments as you want, but the truth of the matter is…you got rid of Steve behind his back. Period, and I hope you lose your whole fan base because of it.

    • webmaster

      You may want to get Steve to tell you the truth. Tim was trying to get dates with Steve since December or so, but he was too busy. He knew all about the new drummer for the live dates. The press release that their manager/lawyer Eric Greif sent out didn’t include all that Tim wrote up for it, but when Steve mailed him, he replies, no no we’re going to use Bryan for all the live dates. Those words ended up changed in Steve’s post. Sorry, but you may believe your truth, I’ll believe mine.

  • Marcus A.[aka The Metal King] Scott

    Will be a live album from you guys and when will it come out because it is long overdued it too Dragonforce 5 studio albums before they released Twilight Delimma before they got a lead singer. I’ll be looking out for it.I’ve been listening to Into Eternity since the self-titled album,but i haven’t seen you live in concert yet maybe someday.I’m orginally from Memphis, Tn but i now live here in Plainview, Tx.I looking forward hearing from you and by the way Iced Earth is another of my favorite band and i have been a devoted fan since their beginning too and i have all their cds from the beginning til now but i don’t have any of your cds i need to get all of them.Keep on Rocking

  • Marcus A.[aka The Metal King] Scott

    I’ve left some words out and mispelled some others but you know what trying to say Keep up the good work and ROCK ON INTO ETERNITY You Guys Deserve Respect from any fan utting you guy down regardless what in the band you had your reasons all bands do.I don’t know what happened and its none of my or anyone elses business between the band themselves and the managers so Keep youe heads guys and strive on you can do it i believe in you.Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater left after 25 yrs when the rest of the band didn’t share his vision by resting after their recent tour in support of their album Black Clouds and Silver lining i hope i spelled it right.I think fans should continue to any band they choos regardless what happened in the band themselves.Thank you for listening to what i had to say and if opinionators want to bash me for what i had to say go right ahead.Marlies you keep on standing up what is right for your band.I the Metal King Applaud you keep up the good work and let no on bash you either like one of your opinionators did.

  • oi eu sou fan do into eternity mas fico triste porque os cd da banda nao vende no meu pais como eu faço pra compra direto de voces muita sorte pra voce o into eternity e o futuro do heavy metal aqui no brasil e muito dificil achar cd de voces acho que com a amanda no vocal da banda voces seram grades valeu

  • peso desculpas a banda porque eu ainda nao falo ingles mas espero que voces traduzao o que escrevi voce sao a banda mais legau ja ouvi eu vou tatuar o simbolo da banda voce poderiam me diser o que significa o simbolo de voces como eu fasso pra compra o cd fukushima e camiseta da banda muito obrigado pela atençao into eternity para sempre a amanda canta muito voce colocarao a pessoa serta na banda